Technology Services

At OTS, we provide a variety of technology services to support TPAs with their daily management and administration tasks. For our
product development clients, we develop best-in-class, rigorously QA-tested software; analyze data for improved functionality
in future software releases; and provide accurate and timely end-user documentation.



OTS provides the advantage of a 24-hour product development cycle for our clients. This is accomplished by reducing development time-to-market for new products and prototypes. We ensure continuous, on-time delivery of product features with high quality.


Quality Assurance

Our QA team ensures that we release only the highest quality products. Prior to release, OTS ensures the products function properly, offer a user-friendly interface and maintain the desired workflow. We accomplish this through in-house automated testing tools.


Data Analysis

All reported product bugs or defects are extensively analyzed to improve and maintain product quality and estimate future development needs.



OTS creates end-user documentation for new software and updates existing documents for accuracy as needed. Our process flow results in accurate documents for each feature release and enhancement.


Technical Support

OTS provides technical support to address questions and issues raised by clients about the product. Our team focuses on reducing the turnaround time for support tickets, and providing timely feedback to the product team for improving product quality.


System Administration

OTS provides numerous IT services to clients, including managing physical, virtual, private and public cloud infrastructure. Our team is also involved in monitoring and managing servers, network optimization, load balancing, asset lifecycle management and more.

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